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ATM GRUPA posted more than 23.4 million in profit in 2016

In 2016, ATM GRUPA delivered robust financial results with a consolidated net income of 23.4 million PLN, up 3.3 million PLN on 2015, and a 13.5% profitability on a revenue of 173 million PLN (comparable to the 2015 revenue figure). The company generated 30.5 million PLN in profit from sales and an EBITDA of 42.3 million PLN, representing, respectively, 17.6% and 24.4% profitability.

Last year, ATM Group achieved a significant growth in revenue from television and film production, which remains the group’s main source of revenue. In addition, 2016 witnessed the production of a record number of shows. The company saw its profits rise in an increasingly challenging market, demonstrating its ability to adapt to a changing environment and to live up to its own potential.

ATM GRUPA’s largest and crucial business segment is television and film production. Each year ATM Group companies produce hundreds of hours of shows attracting millions of viewers, which air on many of the nation’s top-rated channels such as TVP1, TVP2, POLSAT, TVN, premium and thematic channels such as HBO, Canal+ Discovery, and on TV4, TLC, TTV, 13 ULICA and HISTORY channels.

In 2016, ATM GRUPA produced a wide range of television series including First Love, The Lousy World, Nurses (POLSAT), Father Matthew, The Ranch, Firefighters (TVP), Second Chance (TVN), Policewomen and Policemen, 9th Month, The Just: Crime Unit (TV4) and The Pack (HBO).

Featuring prominently in the company’s portfolio were also non-fiction shows. In 2016, ATM GRUPA continued its relationship with Discovery Networks, producing Re-enactors!, Micro-adventure, Inventors of the Future, The Unforgettable 90s, and Success Without Borders (Canal + Discovery). In addition, the company filmed Women and the Mafia, a documentary series for 13 Ulica (NBCUniversal), new episodes of Betlejewski: Provocations for TTV, Take It or Leave It for History (A+E Network), and Undressed, a new show for TLC Polska.

The ATM Group-produced shows garnered very high viewing figures. Each new season of the series Father Matthew, First Love, The Lousy World, Nurses and Policewomen and Policemen attracts millions of viewers, drawing a high audience share and often dominating its time slot. The series Policewomen and Policemen and The Just: Crime Unit boosted TV4 viewing figures in the 7 p.m.−8:59 p.m. time slot (Monday to Thursday) by a whopping 167%, from 343,000 in 2013 to 914,000 in 2016, while the channel’s share in the 16−49 demographic rose by 124% from 2.74% to 6.16%. The fifth season of Policewomen and Policemen, which aired in the fall of 2016, outperformed TVP’s offering. High viewing figures are often a decisive factor in whether or not broadcasters order new seasons.

ATM System supported the broadcast of a number of prestigious events including the Summer Olympics in Brazil, the European Men’s Handball Championship and the UEFA Champions League featuring Legia Warsaw. In addition, it provided equipment rental and technical support of concerts and shows including Top Chef, Hell’s Kitchen, Dancing with the Stars, Your Face Sounds Familiar, Surprise, Surprise and The Voice of Poland. Most of these shows are produced in Warsaw in ATM Studio sound stages. The ATM Studio complex has become a popular venue for shooting commercials and hosting publicity events, presentations, conferences, training, congresses and concerts. ATM Studio also rents its sound stages to TR Warszawa.

Aidem Media, developer of mobile games and software, and FM PRO, presenter and producer of cultural events and events, had a robust year too. FM PRO presented David Gilmour’s concert in Wrocław while Aidem Media’s international success led to the company’s shareholders considering floating the company on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

ATM Group is also a broadcaster. The group’s companies active in this segment include ATM GRUPA S.A. (ATM Entertainment channel) and Echo 24 Sp. z o.o. (formerly Telewizja Dolnośląska Echo Sp. z o.o.).

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