Writers Patrick Yoka, Okil Khamidov

Director Okil Khamidov

Producer Pawel Janosik

ProductionATM Grupa S.A.


Cash Battle is the only general knowledge quiz show with no limit on the money a person can win. Contestants are challenged to win until they lose. The game consists of two parts. In part one, there are 3 teams of 4. The host—Krzysztof Ibisz, a popular TV personality and a three-time winner of the Victor Award—draws question categories by spinning a wheel. Teams bid for the right to answer each question.

This part consists of two rounds and continues until 2 teams go bankrupt or the host asks 6 questions and teams bid 6 times for the right to answer them.

In part two, the winners of part one compete with ‘champions’—the winners of the previous show. The rules are similar to those in part one. The losing team leaves with the money it accumulated in part one. If a team goes bankrupt, it leaves with nothing. In addition to prize money, there are also prizes and surprises hidden in the black box. At any time during the game each team can go for broke. If it misses an answer, it goes bankrupt and leaves with nothing.

Cash Battle became a hit in the fall of 2002. It aired in the most competitive 9 p.m. time slot, traditionally reserved for news shows, but its audience ratings exceeded 20%. The show, created by Okil Khamidov, Patrick Yoka and the ATM production team, outshone the famous Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?


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