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„Receptura” – check out our latest production for TVN!

In mid-May, the shooting of „Receptura” (Recipe) began in Warsaw. It is our latest production for TVN, a six-episode story taking place simultaneously in the interwar period and the present day. It is an intriguing take on combining the traditional perspective with contemporariness.

About the series

The new drama series „Receptura” brings viewers two simultaneous stories of two protagonists: one living in the present-day Polish capital, the other in the Warsaw of the interwar period. Both plots revolve around mysteries surrounding secret and highly coveted recipes for desserts. The device connecting the two stories within „Receptura” is Maria Kielicz’s diary found by chance by Zosia, a young student of architecture. With each page and entry, a story unfolds: one of dilemmas, ambition, and choices in pursuit of love and truth about oneself.

Zosia learns the story of her great-grandmother. Back in 1936, Maria, a single mother, and fledgling architect, arrives in Warsaw seeking to start over. She finds a job, becoming assistant to sweets tycoon Jan Wedel. She soon becomes his trustee, and learns the secrets of Europe’s most thriving chocolate factory.

„The thing about this story that won me over is that it depicts intergenerational dilemmas in a charming way, with much warmth towards the principal characters. On the other hand, the trade secret thread injects the series with thrills and tension. It allowed us
to play a narrative game with the viewer. Since the intrigue unfolds in two time dimensions, we combine the modern-day cinematic language with traditional cinematic storytelling: it is a playful homage to 1930s and 1940s cinema, which has always been a source of inspiration for me. What sets Receptura apart from most productions about the interwar period is the way we portray those days: we do not focus on the looming tragedy of war, and instead just observe life with its everyday dramas”, says Tomasz Szafrański, the show’s director.

The Cast

Maria Kielicz is played by Agnieszka Więdłocha. Her on-screen partners are: Jacek Koman (as Jan Wedel), Mateusz Janicki, and German actor Fabian Prokein (People and Gods).

The Crew

The series is based on the idea by Artur Kowalewski, creative producer, and showrunner who has been with ATM GRUPA for 10 years now.

The show, commissioned by TVN and completed in cooperation with E.Wedel company, has been produced by Production Services Poland (an ATM Grupa company).

The producer of „Receptura” on behalf of TVN is Marta Pasławska, while ATM Grupa representatives are Krzysztof Jakubowski (executive producer) and Robert Wieczorek (creative producer).

Rafał Paradowski is the director of photography.

The show has been written by: Artur Kowalewski, Dorota Jankojć-Poddębniak, and Bartosz Staszczyszyn.

Katarzyna Baran i Agata Culak are in charge of wardrobe and the author of set designs is Dorota Rakowiecka.

The concept of the show has been developed by Aldentro company and Zenith media agency.

The shooting of the costume part of „Receptura” lasted through May. In June, more stars appeared on set in order to tell the story of the modern-day character, Zosia. More details coming soon.

The six episodes of „Receptura” will premiere in the autumn on TVN and Player!




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