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ATM Grupa extends the business profile of Ad Force One and changes its name to Production Services Poland

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Ad Force One company, active since 2017, has so far focused mostly on commercials production. It has produced items for, among others, Orlen (starring Robert Kubica), BKP BP Bank, and the Polish National Lottery (Totalizator Sportowy). It is now expanding its business by providing production service for both international clients and Polish producers. The company will also change its name, from Ad Force One (AFO) to Production Services Poland (PSP).

ATM Grupa chairman Andrzej Muszyński explains: „Production of commercials will remain within AFO’s service portfolio: Krzysztof Jakubowski will be in charge of that area of activity. Still, we have noticed an increasing demand for providing executive production. International clients are interested in using our on-site infrastructure, Polish crews and our local know-how. They recognize ATM’s professionalism, ethical policy, competence in legal matters and logistics, and our experience when it comes to attending the world’s biggest players. Polish producers, on the other hand, are often in a position where they have secured financing for their projects but are not prepared to assume all of the risk connected to carrying out production. To cater to them, we offer comprehensive executive production services, guaranteeing that budget and schedule guidelines are met. Until recently, that kind of business was handled directly by ATM Grupa. Now, however, we want ATM to focus exclusively on our own productions”.


Production Services Poland’s business will rely on its experienced production managers and crews, originally ATM Grupa staff members, as well as on proven production control and safe data storage tools. The firm will provide legal, accounting, and administrative support, and offer service packages drawing on its production background.

„ATM System and ATM Studio already enjoy a well-established market position. I would like now to introduce our youngest “child”, the Black Photon company, which, to my mind, represents a huge potential”, ATM Grupa chairman added.

Black Photon is going to offer premium segment movie&television postproduction services in the broad sense. It will thus complete the existing portfolio of ATM System, at the same time expanding the business towards comprehensive postproduction services aimed at the most demanding customers.

„The pandemic thwarted the expected further development of the production service trade, which was on the rise since The Polish Film Institute incentives were introduced: In 2019, ATM Grupa was granted this kind of subsidy three times. The COVID did cause some turmoil when it comes to our business. As regards several Polish productions, we are back on set and working. Our international partners, however, experience more doubts and dilemmas. We have to take delays into account; in some cases possibly even consider postponing work until next year”, Andrzej Muszyński explains. „On the other hand – he adds – broadcasters worldwide need new content. Therefore, new projects cannot be put on hold forever”.



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