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ATM Grupa S.A. is the biggest production studio in Poland. In 2018 we produced over 800 hours of premiere productions. ATM Grupa is an experienced and reliable content provider not only for the local but also for the international partners and broadcasters including HBO, Sony, Canal+, Fox, Discovery, and others.

Please note that Poland has just announced a new law on state encouragement for productions to be held in Poland with over 50 million US dollars allocated for that purpose in 2019. The approved act enables film cash rebates of up to 30% of the eligible costs borne in Poland under the condition of either registering the application-submitting company in Poland or carrying the project in co-operation with a Polish partner.

ATM Grupa launched a new unit specialized in production services. The unit will be offering a wide range of services: film production, postproduction, rental, back office support, as well as creative services in localizing or development.


We provide assistance from the early stages of pre-production to the finishing phase of post-production. Our special team will guide you through the shooting process and will help you develop the project in many different ways. We ensure to be on schedule and stay within the given budget.

Post Production

We provide a comprehensive postproduction process including: media storage, film editing, sound editing, voice over recording, colour correction and exporting media. We develop an individual workflow, which allows us to minimize the time needed for completing the project. Our professional team is willing to take all the challenges of putting your film together. The service includes: Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools and DaVinci Resolve


We provide film studios, OB Vans, the latest production equipment and accessories including: cameras, lenses, lightning, grip and sound equipment. Our rental department provides modern technological solutions tailored to the individual needs of each production, both television, film and broadcasting. In addition to that our team of professionals will support you with all the equipment during the shooting process.

Back office

We provide a complete back office support. Our experienced team will handle all the organizational challenges including legal advice. From pre-production to post production, we make sure that all the necessary documents are signed and in place before the filmmaking process starts. 


We provide support within all the stages of the project. We will support you from preproduction to postproduction. We specialize in developing ideas, treatments, screenplays. We will help you hire all necessary professionals. These include film directors, DPs,  actors, location managers, production designers, costume designers, storyboard designers, make up and hair designers and many more.


We provide full logistical support all over the country and beyond. Logistics planning is one of our specialities as we always provide the most time-effective and cost-efficient service. We will make sure all actors, crew, film equipment and props will be at the right place at the right time. Flexibility in logistics is one of our key specialities.


  1. We provide assistance in the production development process of the project. We help expanding ideas, as well as help you implement eastern European themes within the script. We will also support you to obtain the necessary cash rebates of up to 30%. It is a great opportunity to develop your film in Poland with us.


We provide assistance in terms of location scouting. We have a large database of film locations that will ensure the filmic look you need. We also provide help with all the paper work and risk assessment needed to ensure the safety off all the cast and crew on set.

ATM GRUPA S.A. nie pobiera od uczestników opłat za udział w programach ani castingach.

W związku z docierającymi do nas wiadomościami o próbach podszywania się pod ATM Grupa S.A. informujemy, że ATM GRUPA S.A. nie pobiera od uczestników i potencjalnych uczestników ŻADNYCH opłat za udział w programach czy castingach do tych programów.

Apelujemy o ostrożność.