Capital group

ATM Grupa S.A. has shareholdings in:

Studio A Sp. z o.o.

Television and film production – television series, movies and entertainment

Shareholding: 75%

ATM System Sp. z o.o.

Equipment rental, television and film services, postproduction, transport

Shareholding: 100%

ATM Studio Sp. z o.o.

Rental of sound stages in the Film and Television Production Complex in Warsaw

Shareholding: 100%

FM PRO Sp. z o.o.

Event management, branding, marketing and promotional materials

Shareholding: 50%

Aidem Media Sp. z o.o.

Development and sale of games for PCs, mobile devices and smartphones

Shareholding: 50%

ATM Inwestycje Sp. z o.o.

Building development

Shareholding: 100%

Telewizja Dolnośląska Echo Sp. z o.o.

Local television multiplex operator for Wrocław and Świdnica

Shareholding: 100%