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Katarzyna Burzawa to become formats & non-fiction programmes director!

There is good news! Our colleague Katarzyna Burzawa will, as of July, hold the recently created post of formats & non-fiction programmes director at ATM Grupa. Congratulations!

Press Release

Katarzyna Burzawa will be responsible, among other areas, for the development of entertainment programming, and ATM Grupa’s documentary series, both ones created locally, and those based on universally applied formats.

„Katarzyna has ample experience in production, a great intuition of the market, and an excellent sense of the expectations of the audiences. She knows numerous producers and format distributors, and maintains close relationships with them. ATM is independent, it does not answer to any international studio: thanks to that, we are able to offer our clients comprehensive services and expertise without limiting ourselves to any kind of imposed format portfolio”, ATM Grupa CEO Andrzej Muszyński said.

Katarzyna Burzawa began her career in television over twenty years ago, in the Netherlands. Back then, she worked as sponsorships coordinator at the IP media agency (now property of RTL Nederland). Later, she held posts of editor and editor-in-chief at John de Mol Producties, one of the future founding components of Endemol, producing most of the entertainment programmes broadcast in Holland in that period. From there, back in the year 2000, she was posted to Poland, where she later chose to stay. At Endemol Poland, she held several posts: e.g. line producer, head of development and licenses, and creative director. Among the programmes she introduced to the Polish audiences we will find, e.g. „Postaw na million” (The Money Drop) and „Twoja twarz brzmi znajomo” (Your Face Sounds Familiar).

As of 2016, Katarzyna Burzawa has been with ATM Grupa. Until recently, she acted as producer supervising non-fiction productions. On her watch, ATM Grupa’s non-fiction division has had some spectacular successes such as, for example, reintroducing „Koło Fortuny” (Wheel of Fortune) to Poland and producing six seasons of the show for TVP2. There was also the adaptation of the „Drunk History” comedy format for Comedy Central, and the 2021 production of the „Power Couple” reality show for TVN. The latter had an average audience of over a million viewers, and its finale eclipsed its competitors within the same time slot, beating e.g. the Eurovision Song Contest as regards viewers aged 16 to 49.

„Good ratings of the shows are always good news for producers, especially if the network is happy too. Still, audience reviews are just as important, and in case of our productions there’s been no shortage of positive feedback”, Katarzyna Burzawa commented.

Her division was also in charge of the production of several docu-series, among other: „Więzienie” (6 seasons), „Rodzinne interesy” (2 seasons), as well as of a new show entitled „Hardcorowa miłość” for Polsat Play. Currently, work is in progress on the production of the „Kryminalne akta inspektor Biskupskiej” docu-series for CBS Reality.

Katarzyna Burzawa’s team also works on follow-ups to certain productions, as well as on introducing even more new reality shows, gameshows, and documentary series.


fot. Grzegorz Gołębiowski

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