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Wataha (The Pack) returns! Season 3 to be aired in the autumn.

It is official: in the autumn of 2019 (exact date to be announced) the audience will be able to watch the third season of Wataha. This HBO series ranks among the most watched shows, not just in Poland. Its second season opened simultaneously in 19 countries.

The shooting of season 3 began in February of 2019. Actors Leszek Lichota, Aleksandra Popławska, Andrzej Zieliński, Dagmara Bąk, Maciej Mikołajczyk, Jacek Lenartowicz, Jarosław Boberek, Mariusz Saniternik, Andrzej Konopka, and Piotr Żurawski returned to the set, but there are also some new faces. The cast was joined by Borys Szyc and Russian actress Evgenia Akhremenko. Szyc plays Kuczer, a high-rank officer of the Przemyśl border guard. Akhremenko’s character is Barkova, new head of the Ukrainian mob.

The directors of the new episodes are Olga Chajdas and Kasia Adamik. The team behind the script are Piotr Szymanek (head writer), Katarzyna Tybinka, and Marta Szymanek. The producers on behalf of HBO Poland are Bogumił Lipski and Izabela Łopuch (executive producer). Johnathan Young acted as supervising producer representing HBO Europe. Andrzej Muszyński acted as producer on behalf of ATM Grupa.

What do the makers of Wataha have in store for the audience? “The new season is dark, full of dangerous and unexpected situations”, Bogumił Lipski said before the start of shooting. We are going back to the picturesque and mysterious Bieszczady mountains. The story, still with captain Wiktor Rebrow as main protagonist, will be thrilling and surprising. In the trailer for the new season, the hero walks across a frontier forest and comes across several characters he had met along his service. Eventually, he faces a ferocious wolf. See the trailer for season 3!

Both previous seasons of Wataha are available on HBO go.


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