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Sprawiedliwi – Wydział Kryminalny (The Just: Crime Unit)


Writer: Przemysław Hoffmann

Director: Wojciech Todorow, Piotr Kolski, Łukasz Łukasik, Aleksander Gawek, Łukasz Tunikowski et al.

Production manager: Przemysław Żyłka

Executive producer: Jakub Miszczak, Monika Galliot Salińska, Andrzej Muszyński (ATM GRUPA S.A.)

Airs on: TV4



The success of Policewomen and Policemen led our producers to use the experience gained while working on the series to create a new show. The Just: Crime Unit is set in Wrocław and follows a team of municipal police officers, each struggling with the burden of their past experiences, which have been and will continue galore. Viewers will meet the families, friends and enemies of the show’s central characters.

Who’s who in the series

Edward Kubis (Marek Włodarczyk) is held in great esteem as a true professional and a fair boss. He would walk through fire for his team and he imparts to them his vast knowledge and experience.

Adam Stasiak (Dariusz Karpiński) is a Wrocław native, a graduate of the Szczecin police school. Withdrawn, brusque and manly, he speaks only when necessary.

Maria Przybylska (Weronika Lewoń) comes from a big, multi-generational family. She lives in a little village 10 kilometers from Wrocław. Maria doesn’t want to leave her family house which has always been noisy and crammed with people.

Kuba Walczak (Michał Mrozek) was raised in a bleak housing project. His parents weren’t well-off. As a youngster Kuba fell in with a bad crowd, but instead of becoming a criminal he joined the police force. His good nature prevailed, but the ghosts of the past still haunt him.

Paulina Wach (Kamila Ścibiorek), despite her feminine beauty she often dresses like a man, sporting cargo pants, camis and a dog tag. A fitness freak, she runs marathons and is a great fighter well versed in Krav Maga.


Fot. Gosia Stasiewicz i Bogdan Bogielczyk