ATM grupa



Director: Łukasz Łukasik

Writer: Wiktor Brzozowski

Supervising producer: Katarzyna Burzawa (ATM GRUPA S.A)

Executive producer: Paweł Janosik

Production manager: Karolina Juziuczuk

Host: Krzysztof Ibisz

Airs on: Super Polsat

Joker is a game show in which all you have to do to win the jackpot is answer 10 general knowledge questions. Each question is multiple choice, with four possible answers. Each contestant can use 7 eponymous Jokers to help them eliminate the wrong answers. In addition, each player can consult a special Joker, a person they have brought along to the studio.

If a contestant picks the wrong answer, they are not eliminated, but they lose 3 Jokers, or if they have no Jokers left, move 3 steps down the board. After a contestant runs of all Jokers, answering questions becomes much harder. And the stakes are high as the show boasts a jackpot of 50,000 PLN!

Joker is hosted by Krzysztof Ibisz, who is returning as a game show host after a several years’ hiatus.

‘Life moves in circles. Ten years ago I did the last episodes of Clueless. Now I’m happy to return to host another game show, a TV genre I’m particularly fond of. I am looking forward to meeting all those who want to put their knowledge to the test, perhaps even contestants from my previous shows such as Chance of A Lifetime, Cash Battle or Russian Roulette. I believe game shows are making a comeback because viewers are clamoring to see them back. I get a good feeling when, for example, fan groups form spontaneously on social networks to lobby for the return of shows that combine entertainment with education and curiosity about the world. I will do all I can to not disappoint anyone and to set the bar at a new, high level. After all, believe it or not, I am 10 years older now’, says Joker host Krzysztof Ibisz.