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Hipnoza (Polish version You’re Back in the Room)

Director: Wojciech Iwański

Format: You’re Back in the Room, licensed from BBC Worldwide Ltd.

Executive producer: ATM GRUPA S.A.

Producer: Katarzyna Burzawa

Production manager: Jadwiga Dziuma

Host: Filip Chajzer

Hypnotist: Artur Makieła

Airs on: TVN


Hosted by Filip Chajzer ‘Hypnosis’ Poland’s first show that uses hypnosis, is perfect entertainment for the whole family. With all contestants in deep hypnosis, each episode is just bound to be unpredictable. Each Saturday at 8 p.m. simple actions will take on a whole new meaning and will have everyone in the room smiling.
With the words ‘You are convinced that…’, Artur Makieła, a certified hypnotist, member of the British Hypnotherapy Association, will begin a unique game featuring a large dollop of comedy and laughter. A team of five will compete for a cash prize by trying to complete a series of normally straightforward tasks. However, their efforts will be hindered by hypnosis. How can you keep your focus when you’re convinced you are deeply in love with the host who is about to ask you to be his wife? There will also be a contestant who will believe he is a world-famous singer and one who will be positive he is Patrick Swayze who has found his Demi Moore.