ATM grupa


Dwa Światy (Two Worlds)

Director: Okil Khamidov

Writer: ATM team of writers led by Dorota Michalak-Kurzewska

Airs on: TV Polsat S.A. (March-June 2001)

First Polish reality show, most watched Polish TV show in all categories in June 2001.


The show is set in a specially designed complex of buildings (property of ATM). 12 participants (men and women) move into one part of the complex. They spend one week living in luxury and, when they start thinking it will last until the end of the show… they are in for a surprise. The group has to move to a simple cottage which they have to furnish themselves and where they must survive with just primitive tools, basic foods, vegetable seeds and farm animals: a cow, a goat, pigs, hens, ducks, and fish in the pond.
The luxurious house, however, will not remain empty. Each week one person, selected by viewers, moves in there. Surprisingly, this is a punishment, because each day in the cottage earns participants money, but each day of luxury makes them poorer. A long stay in the luxurious house can lead to bankruptcy and expulsion from the show.
After three months only two housemates—the toughest and most popular of all—remain in the show. The two compete in the grand finale.
Two Worlds—one of the best original ideas of ATM—started airing on Polsat in March 2001 and instantly became a huge hit. This gigantic production required the construction of a complex consisting of two houses, a pond, and a number of farm buildings, constantly monitored by 60 cameras and 120 microphones. Two Worlds was one of the most watched TV shows in all categories in July 2001. The show provided stiff competition to the heavily promoted Big Brother.