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„The Hunt for Baltic Gold” – season 5 is now available on the HISTORY Channel!

A Baltic storm brought new challenges to our heroes in the new season of „The Hunt for Baltic Gold”! From Tuesday, March 28, at 9 pm, we invite you to watch the 5th season of the program produced by ATM Grupa for the HISTORY Channel. The pursuit of amber has never been so exciting – new challenges await our treasure hunters, new difficulties are piling up, and the competition is getting fiercer – after all, there are more and more lovers of Baltic gold!

About program

„The Hunt for Baltic Gold” is a documentary program shedding light on the work of people associated with the amber industry. We present what happens to amber from the moment it’s found or extracted, through its processing, to when it can be sold in the form of a jewellery or as some other type of masterpiece. The program also presents the methods of obtaining amber. It is made in Gdańsk and its vicinity, on the Hel Peninsula and on the Vistula Spit.

Previous seasons of the program were broadcasted on many markets of Central and Eastern Europe, and the fate of the heroes of „The Hunt for Baltic Gold” was followed by thousands of viewers.

The Hunt for Baltic Gold is a real jewel in the crown of the HISTORY Channel. The subject of the program is firmly rooted in our reality because amber is perceived as ours; it is associated with Poland. On the other hand, we have wonderful, authentic heroes. The combination of these two elements make for an ideal format. There will be many new threads this season, but as always, we focus on heroes whom viewers have fallen in love with from the very first episode of our production”, says Agnieszka Kubiak, Director of Local Productions and Creations at A+E Networks.

The Hunt for Baltic Gold is a documentary series that has been produced by ATM Grupa for over five years, still with the same emotions and great curiosity about what will happen next. The only thing we can be certain about while shooting is that our heroes will yet again surprise us with their ideas, enthusiasm and passion. Their energy becomes the energy of our team. We cannot imagine the winter season without searching for amber at night on the beach illuminated with UV lights. In the purple glow, everything looks magical and even frost or rubber boots flooded with sea water (inherent and basic photographic equipment) do not discourage our operators from peeking with their cameras into Tomek and Herkules’ scoop nets. Both for them and for us, the golden nuggets of amber are a treasure. I am convinced that unusual sculptures and products made from the Baltic Gold – this season it will be, among others, a Spartan helmet, a Neptune’s trident or a huge Ark of the Covenant – will arouse great admiration. The Gold of the Baltic shines exceptionally during skipper Benedykt’s fishing expeditions, the struggles of Krzysztof’s team with mud and snow, or Przemek’s seaside walks. Be careful: the amber fever can catch anyone”, comments Dorota Danielak, creative producer of „The Hunt for Baltic Gold” on behalf of ATM Grupa, the producer of the program.

5th season of „The Hunt for Baltic Gold”

This season is a real challenge for our heroes. Tomasz receives a large order from New York, constructs an amber Spartan helmet and works with Artur on what he calls „the greatest work of his life” – the Ark of the Covenant. Of course, when the storms pass, he will also take us searching for ambers in UV light on a magical Baltic beach. Among his companions there will be Herkules and  Sylwia, who is a writer and is preparing a book about the amber man, i.e. Tomek.

Krzysiek faces many adversities. Because he had health problems related to the spine last season, he has to let go a bit and hand over the reins to… who exactly? Will Krzysztof’s team, with a new person in charge, cope with washing out amber? It will not be easy. Equipment breaks down, the weather is bad, and amber is capricious and is not necessarily where you want it to be. Krzysiek, on the other hand, has to help Marta, who is developing her jewellery business, of course – based mainly on the Baltic Gold.

Benedykt and Małgorzata, even though their recent expeditions were not particularly successful, once again set out on a cutter to the Baltic Sea and, together with a new crew, count on fish and amber entangled in the nets. Artur decides to make a Neptune’s trident, and to make it more difficult, he will forge it from iron obtained from tiny magnetite grains collected on Tri-City beaches.

Patryk, a blacksmith and knife maker, will help him smelt the iron. Przemek, together with his fellow divers, decides to look for amber on the Baltic floor using a drone, this time an underwater one.

There will be no shortage of emotions, joy and, above all, amber adrenaline during the search for the Gold of the Baltic Sea. You will see unusual amber works and beautiful specimens of this organic mineral. You will meet new heroes and experience fascinating adventures with them: on land and in the water, by day and by night.

Executive producer from ATM: Katarzyna Burzawa

Creative producer: Dorota Danielak

Director: Sambor Wilk

Creative and content producer on the part of A+E Networks: Agnieszka Kubiak

PREMIERE: every Tuesday (from March 28, 2023), at 9 pm on the HISTORY Channel



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