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The Girls from Lviv is back filming!

Filming started for the second season of The Girls from Lviv, the TVP hit series produced by ATM GROUP’s Studio A, and is set to wrap up in August. In addition to Warsaw and its environs, the settings include Przemyśl which plays Lviv. The new episodes will pick up the stories of the four central characters, Uliana, Sveta, Olya and Polina, adding new characters as well as funny and moving plotlines with criminal twists.

In the new season, Polina (Magdalena Wróbel), her former boss Jacek (Krzysztof Czeczot) and Sweta (Anna Maria Buczek) will often travel to Ukraine and back to grow their business selling baby outfits. Sadly, their plans will be foiled by human greed. Sveta will thrive thanks to Piotr (Krzysztof Stelmaszyk) and will be offered an unexpected career opportunity in Poland. Olya (Katarzyna Ucherska) will go to college in Warsaw. The jealous fits of Tomek (Adrian Zaremba) will be the least of her problems. Ulyana (Anna Gorajska) will continue her music lessons with Professor (Stanisław Brejdygant) and when it seems that happiness is just around the corner, she will cross paths with Denis (Karol Pocheć).

‘I’m really happy that the show is back. It went down so well with audiences and was so professionally filmed,’ says Stanisław Brejdygant (Professor). ‘We waited long for it to come back. I’ve come to like the part of Professor very much. It is well written, distinctive and positively ambivalent. I am absolutely satisfied with Elderly Gentleman and the work of the whole team. Much credit for this is due to the director (Wojciech Adamczyk) who is always perfectly prepared and creates an ideal working environment for us. I am a director too, so I know that a director needs to bring to the table the right balance of knowledge and skill, but empathy and leadership qualities are crucial too – it’s extremely important that people are committed. And they are, even when the going gets tough. This is great capital. Script-wise, my character continues to see potential in Ulyana, even a diamond that gets brighter and brighter. He is at the end of his journey, but has the satisfaction of discovering a great talent. I am also glad that Professor, though principled and focused on music, will prove that people are the most important for him regardless of what happens.

The first season of The Girls from Lviv aired in the fall of 2015 (Sundays, 8:25 p.m., TVP1) and was a hit. The show attracted an average audience of more than 3.7 million, with episode 11 drawing a record 4.4 million viewers. The Girls from Lviv was the only TV series in fall 2015 that saw its viewing figures grow from episode to episode to increase by almost one million viewers.




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