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Second Chance is back for a fourth season with new characters and plotlines

The fourth season of Second Chance, a TV series executively produced by ATM GRUPA, began filming in June. Bringing new actors and surprising new plotlines on board, the new episodes are set to air in the fall. One of the key characters will be portrayed by Michał Żurawski.

Filming for the new season of Second Chance is underway in Warsaw and is expected to wrap up in September. The lives of the series’ characters are bound to change after Michał Żurawski enters the fray opposite Małgorzata Kożuchowska (Monika Borecka). The cast will also include Magdalena Boczarska (Sara), Bartłomiej Topa (Adam Svensson) and Rafał Królikowski (Zeit). Radosław Pazura will reprise his role as police investigator Borys. The new episodes are helmed by award winning director Jan P. Matuszyński, who recently garnered plaudits for the feature The Last Family.

‘It will be a season like no other’, say the show’s producers Robert Wieczorek (ATM GRUPA) and Adrianna Przetacka (TVN), ‘There will be tectonic changes in the lives of all characters. To surprise viewers, we’ve taken some brave moves, which we hope the fans of the show will appreciate. We want to give the audience real, unique emotions. Each episode of the third season of Second Chance is attracting more than 2 million viewers, giving TVN a more than 17 percent share in the 16−49 demographic which is key to advertisers. The writing team is supervised by Katarzyna Śliwińska-Kłosowicz. Marta Grela-Gorostiza is supervising producer for TVN.


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