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Professional Heroes: new show to launch on June 2

The first episode of Professional Heroes, a new documentary series produced by ATM GRUPA, is set to air on Friday June 2 on Canal+ Discovery. The series follows professionals in Poland’s emergency and rescue services as they brave the elements and other perils. It shows modern heroes who constantly risk their lives to save others.

Each episode of Professional Heroes will feature real-life people and events. Viewers will have the chance to see real training, sea and mountain rescue operations, a search, bomb defusal action and fire fighting. The show offers amazing footage shot with special cameras and using subjective camera angles. In addition, the processionals in question will talk about what made them choose their hard and dangerous jobs.

The first of the 10 episodes of Professional Heroes is slated to premiere on Friday June 2 at 10:40 p.m. on Canal+ Discovery.


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