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PREMIERE! Calendar ATM Grupa 2023 „Images from films that were never made”

It’s here! In 2023 we present the 7th edition of the ATM Grupa’s calendar. This time, we play with conventions and create film worlds captured by the world-renowned photographer Szymon Brodziak.

Brodziak says that his photos resemble stills from films that were never made. Following this lead, our new calendar is entitled „Images from films that were never made”. The main roles were played by the most talked-about actresses and actors: JACEK BELER, MARTYNA BYCZKOWSKA, MARIA DĘBSKA, JĘDRZEJ HYCNAR, BARTEK KOTSCHEDOFF, WERONIKA KSIĄŻKIEWICZ, MARTA NIERADKIEWICZ, ELIZA RYCEMBEL, PIOTR STRAMOWSKI, MASZA WĄGROCKA, AGNIESZKA WIĘDŁOCHA, TOMASZ ZIĘTEK.

About the calendar

„You are what you see”, says Szymon Brodziak and he takes his unique black and white photos in accordance with this motto. He is inspired by women, and his monochromatic frames are famous for emphasizing feminine beauty.

Working on the calendar for ATM Grupa was an adventure for him, but also a challenge:

„Creating frames for films that have never been made is the essence of my photographic activity. I love telling stories and showing emotions in black and white. In this context, I knew that capturing the acting talent of my characters and heroes would be a challenge, but also a great honour and adventure. That is why I enthusiastically accepted the proposal to create a calendar for ATM Grupa for 2023”, says Brodziak.

The ATM calendar is an exclusively artistic event. From the very beginning, this was the guiding principle of the president of ATM Grupa, Andrzej Muszyński, who came up with the idea of the calendar. Every year, we print several hundred copies of the calendar, which are sent to filmmakers, Polish cinema personalities, journalists, as well as our associates and contractors. Several copies of the calendar (with celebrities’ autographs) are donated to the WOŚP auction.

About the photographer

An economist by education, a passionate photographer who became a master of black and white photography. One could talk endlessly about his talent. For those who do not yet know Szymon Brodziak’s work, it is worth saying that he has won the most valuable international awards in the industry, and his monochrome photographs, which he exhibits around the world, delight critics and art collectors. Brodziak’s works can be viewed and bought in his galleries in Poznań and Warsaw, as well as online at:


CONCEPT & PHOTOS: Szymon Brodziak

ASSISTANT: Tomek Kordek

PRODUCER: Dorota Sikorska/Vizja Art, Sylwia Olech/ATM Grupa

STYLING: Anna Męczyńska, Jacek Mozolewski

MAKEUP: Slawka Sadowska

HAIR: Darek Baranowski

SET DESIGN: Marek Piotrowski

ASSISTANT: Janek Krenzel

FILM FROM THE PLAN: Grzegorz Brylak, Piotr Kasprzak


EDITING: Ewa Mościcka



MMC Studio, Swarovski, Atelier Tomasz Ossoliński, Viola Piekut, Lilou, Lukasz Jemiol, Paprocki & Brzozowski, Anna Orska, Robert Kupisz, Tomaotomo, Vicher, CCC


ATM Studio, ATM System, ATM Virtual and the Marriott Warsaw hotel



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