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Poles By Choice kicks off on March 2

A Japanese women teaching her guests how to make sushi in the Polish mountains, a New Zealander who runs a local Kashub newspaper and a musician who left Broadway for Poland are just a few of the inspiring characters that will appear in the original series Poles by Choice. Hosted by Paulina Młynarska, the show will showcase their extraordinary stories. Premiere episodes are set to air on CANAL+ DISCOVERY on Thursdays at 9 p.m., starting from March 2. The series is executively produced by ATM GRUPA.

There are more than 230,000 foreigners living in Poland. The reasons why they have settled here are many and varied, including love, passion and pure chance. In a new documentary series called Poles by Choice, Paulina Młynarska will conduct candid interviews with people who have settled in Poland. All are resident here and many have found professional success.

What things do they find funny in Poland? What surprises them? What made them stay in our country?

‘Our protagonists come from all over the world. Some of them had to flee tragic wars, others felt they needed a change, still others came here because they found love. Among them are prominent artists, scientists and social activists. They determination and a love for Poland’, says Paulina Młynarska about her interviewees.

The people featured in the series include acclaimed musician Nick Sinckler, dancer Stefano Terrazzino, MMA fighter Mamed Khalidov, comic Bilguun Ariunbaatar and fashion designer Natasha Pavluchenko. The show will also bring to viewers inspiring life stories of people who are not household names such as Akikko Miwa, a Japanese woman who runs a guest house in Nowy Targ and introduces her guests to Japanese culture, and Samir Zeair, a transplant surgeon and restaurateur.

Premiere episodes of Poles by Choice will air exclusively on CANAL+ DISCOVERY on Thursdays at 9 p.m., starting on March 2. The show is produced by ATM GRUPA for Discovery Networks.



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