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New season of The Lousy World to debut on Polsat on September 6

The residents of Wrocław’s Cosmonauts Housing Project have been entertaining millions of viewers with their offbeat ideas that show Poland in a distorted mirror for 18 years now. This fall, along with the Kiepskis and their neighbors, we will celebrate 50 years of the Cosmonauts Housing Project, set out on a quest for the Holy Grail and meet Mariolka’s new admirer, Mikołaj Kopernik. Also, Marian Paździoch will make a comeback after a short-term exit from the show.

The new season will see Paździoch (Ryszard Kotys) find a new, all-consuming passion and set on a search for a unique butterfly. In a night chat with Ferdek he will also reveal he’s on the cusp of finding the mythical Holy Grail, which will help him gain control of the whole planet. In the fall Halinka (Marzena Kipiel-Sztuka) will finally refurnish the living room, sending Ferdek on a quest to salvage the spurned armchairs. Serious problems will arise when everyone, including Kiepski, forgets Halina’s birthday. Ferdek will bend over backwards to make it up for his wife and find the right gift, but it won’t be easy. This season will also bring other challenges. In connection with the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Cosmonaut Housing Project, Chairman Kozłowski will ask Kiepski to come up with an original idea to celebrate the occasion. Meanwhile, Boczek will consider moving to a new job in Düsseldorf, Germany. Ferdek will be determined to convince his neighbor to leave, which would mean getting rid of Boczek from the house forever. In addition, Mariolka (Barbara Mularczyk-Potocka) will have a new admirer, Mikołaj Kopernik (Andrzej Kłak), and the residents of the tenement will duly change their clocks to Daylight Saving Time with the exception of Kiepski, who will remain fiercely loyal to his own watch.

The new episodes will feature the familiar cast including Ferdek (Andrzej Grabowski), Halinka (Marzena Kipiel-Sztuka), Mariolka (Barbara Mularczyk-Potocka), Helena Paździoch (Renata Pałys), Marian Paździoch (Ryszard Kotys), Walduś (Bartosz Żukowski) Jolasia (Anna Ilczuk), Kozłowska (Joanna Kurowska), Kozłowski (Andrzej Gałła), Malinowska (Zofia Czerwińska), Badura (Lech Dyblik), who will be joined by Andrzej Kłak as Mikołaj Kopernik.

Guest appearances will be made by Jacek Braciak and Agnieszka Więdłocha.

The Lousy World is produced by ATM GRUPA S.A. The show is written by Aleksander Sobiszewski, Katarzyna Sobiszewska and Patrick Yoka and helmed by Patrick Yoka.

The new season of The Lousy World is set to kick off on September 6 and will air each Wednesday at 8 p.m.


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