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New faces to join ATM GRUPA sets in the spring!

This spring will see the launch of new seasons of ATM GRUPA’s favorite shows. Father Matthew, Second Chance and The Lousy World owe their success as much to good writing as to their stellar casts which will be joined by new actors, some of whom are audience favorites.

In its first season, The Just: Crime Unit became one of TV4’s standout shows. The series is a new project of the creators of Policewomen and Policemen, which drew more than 2 million viewers becoming a TV4 hit. Both series are steadily growing in popularity and boosting TV4’s prime time ratings, but they would not be as successful without their excellent casts. The new season of The Just will debut a new team of officers. Viewers will also meet Stasiak’s son (Dariusz Karpiński), Kacper, and a new forensic expert, Kowal.

The fans of Policewomen and Policemen should also brace for changes. The series will now air 5 times a week, Monday to Friday, with new characters joining the set. Szymon Zieliński (Paweł Monsiel) will partner Wysocka (Magda Malcharek), Karolina Rachwał (Honorata Witańska) will return as the patrol partner of Białach (Mariusz Węgłowski), and Krzysztof Zapała (Wojciech Sukiennik) will remain paired with Sgt Alicja Morawska (Magdalena Wróbel). In addition, the team of officers will be joined by a forensic expert, Arkadiusz Gajda (Jakub Tackowiak).

One of the most spectacular comebacks this spring will be a new season of one of TVP1’s most popular shows, Father Matthew. The Sandomierz-set criminal series attracts more than 4 million viewers and dominates its time slot. Each season brings a line-up of popular and much-loved actors. New episodes will feature Kuba Wesołowski, Kasia Cichopek, Grażyna Wolszczak, Krzysztof Dracz and Mirosław Baka.

The third season of Second Chance (TVN), Poland’s first series about show biz, starring Małgorzata Kożuchowska, will also be joined by audience favorites. New characters will be portrayed by Mateusz Banasiuk, Paweł Królikowski, Cezary Żak and Bartosz Opania.

First Love and The Lousy World continue to prove enduringly popular with Polsat audiences. The tale about the residents of a Wrocław tenement house has run for 18 years with October 2016 marking the 500th episode of The Lousy World, the world record for acted sitcoms. The music group BIG CYC will be a special guest in the new season, with its musicians performing the theme song of the show. Krystyna Tkacz, Sylwia Gliwa, Urszula Dębska and Michał Koterski will also make guest appearances. The day and time of broadcast will change – new episodes are due to premiere on Polsat on Saturdays at 7:30 p.m., starting from March 4.

Second on the list of the channel’s hit series is First Love, the Wrocław-set weekday show airing since 2004. The series has the largest share in the 16−49 demographic, more than 19%, placing first in its time slot. The new season promises to be as thrilling as the previous ones! New faces will include Tomasz Mandes and Marysia Szafirska.

Poles by Choice is scheduled to kick off on Canal+ Discovery on March 2 at 9 p.m. Hosted by Paulina Młynarska, this new documentary series will showcase candid conversations with foreigners who have settled in Poland. The guests of the series will include acclaimed musician Nick Sinckler, dancer Stefano Terrazzino, MMA fighter Mamed Khalidov, comic Bilguun Ariunbaatar and fashion designer Natasha Pavluchenko. All of them are resident in Poland. Many have found professional success. What things do they find funny in Poland? What surprises them? What made them stay here?

On top of that, Investors of the Future, hosted by Marek Kotelnicki and Monika Aksamit-Koperska, will come back to Canal+ Discovery. New episodes of the second season will air on Wednesdays at 9 p.m., beginning on February 1.

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