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Meet the cast of the „Zachowaj spokój” series!

„Zachowaj Spokój” (Hold Tight) is the latest series produced by ATM Grupa for Netflix. It is Poland’s second Harlan Coben novel adaptation, starring Magdalena Boczarska and Leszek Lichota as principal characters. Who else are we going to see on screen?

The Cast

Boczarska and Lichota play Anna and Michał Barczyk, a happily married couple. Krzysztof Oleksyn (Rojst’97) has been cast as their son, Adam.

Agnieszka Grochowska and Grzegorz Damięcki, already known to viewers from the Polishon-screen version of Coben’s „W głębi lasu” (The Woods), will reprise their roles.

The series will also star Jacek Poniedziałek as Natan, Justyna Wasilewska as Wiera, Wiktoria Gorodeckaja as Beata, and Bartłomiej Topa, as well as several youngest-generation actors and actresses: Agata Łabno as Kaja, Marta Piętka as Nika, Jakup Pruski as Błażej, and Mikołaj Śliwa as Gajos.

About the Series

 The action of the six-episode series is set in a wealthy development where the dwellers live tranquilly maintaining close relationships with their neighbours. Everything changes with the sudden disappearance of 18-year-old Adam. The danger starts becoming ever greater. The parents will now do just about everything to protect their kids, who try to grab the bull by the hors as they near adulthood.

„Zachowaj spokój” is an engaging, twist-packed thriller. It is not a typical sequel to „W głębi lasu”, but it will depict the further fortunes of some of the characters seen in that Polish adaptation of Coben’s novel.

„I am really glad that another one of my books will be put on screen by talented Polish creators”, says Harlan Coben, the author of Hold Tight. „I hope audiences in Poland and all around the world will follow the plot twists with just as much interest as they did watching The Woods. It’s nice they are going to meet the new protagonists, played by Magdalena and Leszek, but they will also learn what happened to Laura and Paweł”.

Series Creators

Directed by: Michał Gazda, Bartosz Konopka
Written by: Agata Malesińska, Wojtek Miłoszewski.
Produced by: ATM Grupa

The series is scheduled to open on Netflix in 2022.



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