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„KSW Titans”, available from December 9 – only on Viaplay!

Confrontation of Martial Arts (KSW) is the largest MMA federation in Europe and one of the largest in the world. Its fighters are very popular among martial arts fans who follow their every move. The Viaplay platform, in cooperation with KSW and ATM Grupa, has produced a unique documentary series „KSW Titans”, in which viewers will see their favourite fighters in a new light! The premiere of the first episode took place on December 9, only on Viaplay!

About the series

The production of „KSW Titans” is a unique opportunity to observe both legends and rising stars of this organization while they are preparing for the last two KSW galas in 2022. The heroes of the series are Mamed Khalidow and Mariusz Pudzianowski, Sebastian Rajewski and Salahdine Parnasse, as well as Marian Ziółkowski.

The KSW 77 gala is fast approaching! On December 17, we will witness eleven electrifying duels, and the climax of the evening will be the clash between Mamed Khalidov and Mariusz Pudzianowski. In the production of „KSW Titans” we look behind the scenes to see how these two legendary fighters prepare for this clash: deadly training, diet regime, and the ups and downs of the biggest MMA stars. All to win the championship belt.

Viaplay cameras also accompanied two young, but already excellent fighters, both tipped for great careers in MMA. Sebastian Rajewski and Salahdine Parnasse faced each other in the cage during the November KSW 76 gala. In the series we will see how unpredictable mixed martial arts are. Parnasse’s first opponent was supposed to be Marian Ziolkowski, who suffered an injury four weeks before the scheduled fight and had to withdraw. His place was taken by Rajewski who had very little time to prepare for the duel with such a difficult and demanding opponent as the Frenchman, but who took up this challenge without hesitation. Parnasse, on the other hand, had to completely change the tactic previously chosen for the duel with Ziolkowski.

Fighters’ everyday life is made up of deadly trainings, constant weight controls, huge stress and electrifying tension before the fight, and finally a clash from which only one of them can come out victorious.

The three-episode documentary explores the more private aspects of the fighters’ lives, allowing viewers an insight into their personal lives and situations that fans have little or no access to. In „KSW Titans”we will see Khalidov, who rests by spending time with his son or fishing with a friend. We will find out that Pudzianowski’s way of breaking away from the sports reality is… working as a professional truck driver, delivering rubble. Rajewski, on the other hand, has very strong family ties with his loved ones and receives exceptional support from his father and brothers. So far, only a few have had the opportunity to get to know these outstanding athletes’ private lives; now – thanks to the „KSW Titans” series – Viaplay viewers will also get this unique opportunity!

KSW Titans is a unique production. This is not only the first Polish documentary series from Viaplay that brings our viewers closer to the world of sport. This production was created in close cooperation with KSW, and it is worth mentioning that on December 18, it will be exactly one year since we first broadcasted a gala of this federation on our platform. Now, we have decided to go one step further and give MMA fans even more interesting, behind-the-scenes, dynamically edited materials with their favourite fighters in the lead roles. I am convinced that in the future we will cooperate on many more interesting projects”, comments Barbara Wiśniewska-Grzesiak, Executive Producer Non-scripted Content, Viaplay Group.

„During KSW 77, two legends will face each other. This will be the biggest MMA fight in this part of the world. That is why KSW Titans is an extremely important project for us, which reveals and documents the backstage of preparations for a fight that will go down in the history of our sport”, emphasizes Maciej Kawulski, co-owner of KSW.

„The duel Khalidov – Pudzianowski is the most expensive fight in the history of our organization. That is why I am so happy that we managed to persuade both fighters to allow us to film in places where they were never filmed before. The result is an exciting documentary. I am convinced that MMA fans will be delighted with it”, adds the other co-owner of KSW, Martin Lewandowski.


The director of „KSW Titans” is Wojciech Klimala. It was produced by ATM Grupa. Katarzyna Burzawa is the supervising producer on behalf of the ATM Group, Marta Dużbabel is the creative producer, Maciej Wójcicki is the production manager, and Piotr Pawlus is responsible for the cinematography.

Premiere: The series consists of three episodes, which were scheduled to premiere on December 9, 13 and 26, 2022.

The production will be available to Polish viewers only on the Viaplay platform.


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