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First Love: surprise decisions and new characters

The new season of First Love will bring big changes, new challenges and upheavals in the lives of the characters. After losing her job Marysia will face the dilemma of choosing a new career path. Melka and Paweł will go through a rough patch. Sabina’s love life will also hit hard times. Barbarian will be sold and some residents of Wadlew will start new businesses. New characters will join the cast, and the lives of Marysia and her friends will be rocked by Robert Wabich, Tomasz Mandes and Marysia Szafirska.

After a wedding in a dreamy mountain scenery and moving in with Michał (Wojciech Błach), Marysia (Aneta Zając) loses her job. Barbarian’s financial troubles force Kinga (Aleksandra Zienkiewicz) to downsize and then to sell the bar. Marysia, who is the first to get the axe, has a breakdown. Her despair spurs her to look for a new career. Majka decides to come back to college. Will she don a doctor’s coat this spring? The prospect of losing their jobs will also haunt the other members of Barbarian’s team. Will Beatka (Katarzyna Ankudowicz), Mikser (Błażej Michalski), Ludwik (Włodzimierz Adamski) and Kaśka (Michał Koterski) be left destitute by the new owner, Cezary (Robert Wabich)?

Kulczycki Corporation will see changes too. After taking on Sabina (Urszula Dębska), Artur (Łukasz Płoszajski) hires a new sales director, Aleksander (Tomasz Mandes). Sabina develops the hots for him and makes no effort to conceal it, but when Aleksander learns that Sabina is his boss, he tries to keep a safe distance. Soon, it becomes apparent that his joining the company wasn’t wholly accidental.

The love of Melka (Ewa Jakubowicz) and Paweł (Michał Malinowski) will be put to test. The arrival of Dominika (Marysia Szafirska), Paweł’s ex-girlfriend, spells trouble from the start. When Dominika moves in with the couple, fights and squabbles become alarmingly common, with Nowogrodzki (Michał Malinowski) often taking the side of his old flame. Will old feelings be rekindled?

Krystian (Patrick Pniewski) has also been unlucky in love. He makes up his mind to split with Marta (Joanna Jarmołowicz), but, sensing this, the girl tries to gain his sympathy to keep him. She lies that she’s been fired and then says she’s fallen seriously ill. Krystian becomes very concerned and helpful while Marta tries her best to hide the truth.

Unlike Wroclaw, Wadlewo is in for better times. Olek (Krzysztof Wieszczek) opens a café-club, a new meeting place for local residents. Kazanowa (Elżbieta Romanowska) will see her dreams fulfilled as well − her dance school will attract much interest even before its official opening. The parish priest (Włodzimierz Matuszak) prepares to give pre-nuptial consultations while Kulasowa (Monika Fronczek) realizes her dream of working with children. Will the male portion of the community win the battle to get a license to sell beer in the café-club?

Marianna (Katarzyna Sawczuk) comes back to Wadlewo after a long absence. It is soon revealed that she dropped out from college in Paris. Anna (Agnieszka Suchora) is upset by her daughter’s rebellious attitude, but all the same she decides to support her. The girl has to choose a new school in Wrocław. She also has to find an apartment, and one of the central characters offers to help.

In addition to exciting plotlines and unexpected twists, First Love has a fantastic cast. In the coming spring the tightly-knit cast will be joined by Robert Wabich (Cezary, new owner of Barbarian), Maria Szafirska (Dominika, Paweł’s ex-girlfriend) and Tomasz Mandes (Aleksander, new staff member at Kulczycki Corporation).

New episodes of First Love will air on Polsat from February 27, Monday to Friday, at 6 p.m. The show is produced by ATM GRUPA.


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