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First Love: new episodes kick off on September 4 on Polsat

New episodes of First Love will bring plenty of drama, danger, dilemmas and unexpected resolutions. A fight to save Sabine’s life will begin after the shooting at Kulczycki Corporation. Blackmailed by Darek, Melka will be forced to work for the mob. Michał will show a different side of his character, leaving Marysia nonplussed. New women will appear in the lives of Kaśka and Radek, and a new police officer will arrive in Wadlewo to try to bring law and order to the village. This, in a nutshell, is what will happen in the upcoming season of the show. The new episodes will also see the addition of new characters played by Edyta Herbuś, Marcin Rogacewicz and Michał Mikołajczak.

The previous season ended on a dramatic note. After a shooting at Kulczycki Corporation, Sabina (Ula Dębska) was taken to intensive care. The doctors will declare her beyond hope, plunging her family and friends into despair. Unable to handle the situation, Karol (Karol Strasburger) will come at the hospital staff with his fists swinging. He will fight to save his daughter’s life till the very end.

The central character’s life will see plenty of drama as well. Marysia’s (Aneta Zając) husband has been acting oddly for a long time. He has mood swings and aggressive fits. Maybe he has a bit on the side? Is this the same man Marysia fell in love with? The girl will try to find out the reason of this sudden change. The hardest thing for the young wife will be losing her sense of security, with Michał (Wojciech Blach) gradually becoming a complete stranger to her. Will their marriage survive another trial? Or will Marysia be left on her own with her daughters again?

A black cloud will also follow Melka (Ewa Jakubowicz) and Paweł (Michał Malinowski). After things return to normal following the upheaval caused by Dominika (Maria Szafirska), Darek (Bartosz Porczyk) will turn up. The unpredictable cop had a fight with Paweł and now seeks revenge. He will blackmail Melka into working work for him, which will mean joining the mob.

Fear and danger will also enter the life of Aśka (Paulina Gałązka). The girl will be persecuted, which will bring her to the limits of her mental endurance. All the more so as Bogumił (Bronisław Wrocławski) has escaped from a police convoy. Is it possible for a man to be at the same time walking the streets and serving time in jail? He has concocted a complicated plot, so at first the police will be reluctant to believe Aśka’s side of the story.

Beata (Katarzyna Ankudowicz) and Cezary (Robert Wabich) will face new challenges. Will they decide to have a fake divorce after having a fake wedding? Their initial plans will be foiled by new legislation, and the two will have to move in together to give legal credence to their relationship. This will come as a big surprise to Beata.

The love life of Kaśka (Michał Koterski) will perk up. After moving in with Jowita (Joanna Opozda) and Radek (Mateusz Banasiuk) his life and apartment become empty, but they will fill faster than he might have expected. He will meet a new friend, Marzena (Marta Chodorowska). Kaśka will feel that he could fall in love with her, but won’t her teenage son scare him off?

After a peaceful spell, a new person will turn up in the life of Radek and Jowita, jeopardizing their relationship. Radek will be hired by Sylwia (Edyta Herbuś), a feisty, attractive and charming head of a youth magazine and website, who will take a shine to him. She will make a strong impression on Radek too. Will he be able to resist her charms? Or will we see a love affair develop between the boss and her employee?

The end of the previous season saw a conflict break out in Wadlewo, splitting its inhabitants into two opposing camps. The power struggle between Emilka (Anna Ilczuk) and Olek (Krzysztof Wieszczek) will continue. With Seweryn (Mirosław Kropielnicki) and Śmiałek (Paweł Okoński) joining the fray, it will turn into a no-holds-barred confrontation. Fortunately, a new police officer, Ksawery (Marcin Rogacewicz), will arrive in the village. He will have his hands full from the start. Wadlewo will experience a crime wave!

First Love is not just exciting stories and unexpected twists, but also a fantastic cast. This fall the cast will be joined by Edyta Herbuś (Sylvia, Radek’s boss), Marcin Rogacewicz (Ksawery, the new police officer) and Michał Mikołajczak (Piotrek, Krystian’s close friend).

New episodes of First Love will air on Polsat from September 4, Monday to Friday at 6 p.m. The show is produced by ATM GRUPA S.A.

Photo credit: Bogdan Bogielczyk


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