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“Echo serca” (Cardiac Echo): A winter premiere on TVP1

On January 15th, TVP1 will air the first episode of its new medical drama series “Echo serca” starring
Kamila Baar-Kochańska, Przemysław Sadowski and Antoni Pawlicki as principal characters. The show is a part of the station’s winter season programming.

Having spent four years abroad psychologist Magdalena Borska (Kamilla Baar-Kochańska) takes up
a job at the Nothern Hospital. Things get difficult for her right from the start: she has to get used to the rules of the place, but neither her new colleagues, nor the ward head Andrzej Stomma (Przemysław Sadowski) make that task any easier. No one on the staff is willing to admit that the entire ward still has not got over a failed rescue action carried out six months before. After a fire at a shopping mall the ward was full of severely burned victims: the staff were unable to save most of them. One of the best surgeons at the hospital, Jan Sowiński (Antoni Pawlicki) was accused of medical malpractice in the aftermath of that night.

Each episode of “Echo serca” includes another passage of Magda’s story and a separate medical case. Besides the already mentioned actors the show’s cast includes: Julia Grant-Scott, Maciej Mikołajczyk, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Dorota Segda, Grzegorz Stosz, Dorota Pomykała, Martin Budny, Lucyna Malec.

“Echo serca” opens on TVP1 on January 15th 2019 at 9:40 PM.

ATM GRUPA cooperated on the production.

Images by: Anna Gostkowska/TVP


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