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For Yourself and the World to debut in September on CANAL+ DISCOVERY

Passion, commitment, grit and tenacity are the hallmarks of those who give up their comfortable lives in Poland to do something extraordinary for themselves and the world. What do they get in return? The remarkable stories of the show’s characters will be featured in an original CANAL+ DISCOVERY documentary series, For Yourself and the World, which is set to premiere on Tuesday, September 12, at 9:40 p.m. The show is executively produced by ATM GRUPA S.A.

Helping the needy is not just a job or a passion. It is a mission that can give you great joy and fulfillment. Maciej started helping others early on. Walking the streets of Poznań, he handed out orange ribbons designed to express solidarity with Tibet, which was occupied by China in 2008. Then he painted trail signs in Ecuador’s Cajas National Park, stuck stickers promoting cleanliness on Amazon ferries and collected clothes for refugees in Bulgaria. When an earthquake struck in Nepal, he was in India coordinating the construction of a well in a leper colony. Maciej did not hesitate for a moment. He sold the apartment he had inherited from his grandmother and donated all the money to build a school in the most affected area. Why did he take such a bold step?

Charity or voluntary work do not bring fame or wealth. Often the only reward is satisfaction. In the 8-part documentary series For Yourself and the World, viewers will be treated to inspirational stories of people who left their country, jobs, sometimes even families, to bring help to those in need. Why did they do it? What challenges did they face on arrival? What are their daily concerns and struggles? The documentary makers follow the characters as they go about their work, showing a world in which a small gesture or a good word is worth more than a mountain of gold.

The premiere episodes of the show will air on CANAL+ DISCOVERY every Tuesday from September 12 at 9:40 p.m.

The show is executively produced by ATM GRUPA for Discovery Networks.

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