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Crimetime nights this fall on TV4

The end of the sixth season of Policewomen and Policemen saw many dramatic events. Karolina Rachwał saved Mikołaj’s life, Alicja Morawska found out she was seriously ill, Szymon Zieliński was taken into custody after an unsuccessful provocation.

Karolina and Mikołaj will get closer to each other in the new episodes. It seems the time has come for them to finally take that leap and get together.

Alicja, who was diagnosed with cancer, will start a treatment. The whole team will support her in her fight against the disease. Will it be enough to beat it?

Szymon, due partly to ­his foolishness and partly to his desire for revenge, landed in custody at the end of the previous season. This was just the start of his problems. Having a cop in custody can put people’s lives and health at risk. The case of the murder of Szymon’s mother will come alive again. It turns out that what happened years ago was not a regular, random burglary. Szymon’s situation will affect Ola Wysocka. Will she be paired up with another officer? Or will she resume her patrols with Białach?

Emilka and Krzysiek will steady the ship of their relationship, and Emilka will return to work. Krzysztof’s mother and Emilka’s parents will offer to help with the baby but Krzysztof will not think it a good idea.

The last episode of The Just: Crime Unit ended on a dramatic note. In the new season Stasiak’s officer friends will be detained by the local investigator, Tomasz Jawor, who’s been given the case as the gun fight occurred in his district.

The new episodes will bring a challenge for Kubis. The recent hoopla surrounding police will ruffle his superiors. He will face an ultimatum. If he doesn’t clear the good name of the police, he’ll have to retire.

There will also be major changes in the life of Paulina Wach. She does surprisingly well raising her adolescent daughter on her own, but nothing lasts forever. Her relationship with Agata will be disturbed by a man. But is it a prime time for love?

Sawicki will face the same dilemma. He has developed a huge crush on Monica after meeting her at the airport races. He just can’t get her out of his mind.

Walczak and Iza will also face changes. It seems that Iza, who has long been waiting for Walczak to commit, will finally get what she wants. Will the engagement be followed by a wedding?

Policewomen and Policemen is due to premiere on September 4 at 7 p.m. on TV4. The Just: Criminal Unit kicks off on September 5 at 8 p.m. on TV4. Both shows are produced by ATM GRUPA S.A.

Photo credit: Bogdan Bogielczyk


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