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Black Photon – ATM Grupa presents its „youngest child”!

Press release

As mentioned in our previous release, there is now a new company within the ATM Grupa portfolio. „After months of preparation, we are proudly launching the Black Photon company”, said ATM Grupa chairman Andrzej Muszyński.

Black Photon will offer premium-grade movie & television postproduction services in
a broad sense. It will thus complete the existing portfolio of ATM System, at the same time expanding the business towards comprehensive postproduction services aimed at the most demanding customers. Black Photon has already established collaborations with international entities. High-end tech solutions, original software, modern screening room equipped with a premium RGB laser projector, safe storage, management and transfer of data, and world-class work comfort: those are the key ingredients of the company’s quality policy.

Black Photon is a joint enterprise created by ATM System (represented by Andrzej Hajdaniak) and Lazy Robot companies (the latter represented by Kamil Rutkowski, Maciej Mika, and Michał Krajewski). Mr. Hajdaniak and Mr. Rutkowski will be in charge of running the new business.


In the film industry since 2003, took his first steps as a computer graphic designer.
He then focused on tech development taking a job at The Chimney Pot company. Finally, in 2012, he became the chairman of Digital Intermediate, an international enterprise within The Chimney Pot Group.

In 2013, he became co-founder and co-owner of DI Factory. He created online tools and websites such as DI Library, DI KDM and DI View, aimed at supporting production of feature films and commercials.

Besides launching and developing DI Factory, Rutkowski founded the Polish branch of SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers). He currently acts as its chairman. In 2018, he also founded the Technical Committee inside the Polish Committee for Standardization, and became its head.

He has worked on over 200 feature-length films, both Polish and foreign. That number includes fictional stories and dramatic reconstructions. Some of the features Rutkowski has worked on are Ida, Loving Vincent, Cold War, Suicide Room, and The Saragossa Manuscript. On his resume, he also has some premium series, such as 1983, Rojst, The Pack, Blinded by the Lights, Illegals, and The Woods.

On numerous occasions, he has presented his achievements at international symposiums, e.g. New York Film School, FMX (Stuttgart), InsightOut (Berlin), IDIFF (Paris), Camerimage (Bydgoszcz, Poland).

In 2020, Rutkowski, Mika and Krajewski, then key tech members of DI Factory, left the company and founded Lazy Robot.

Lazy Robot is a young company yet one already boasting quite some experience. The people behind it have been in the film and commercial business for 8 to 17 years now. Their goal is to create tech start-ups, mostly focused on audio and video. Lazy Robot will keep developing its original concepts and seeking new solutions for supporting film production.


He has been working in television and films for 25 years. His first job in the business was at Wisła TV, Poland’s first and Europe’s third private network to use MPEG-2 broadcasting. At Wisła, Hajdaniak was in charge of broadcasting, studio, and news technologies. In 1998, he started working for BETA TV, focusing on designing and implementing large-scale television infrastructure nationwide. Since 2007, uninterruptedly at ATM system: he acts as board member and deputy CEO.

ATM System is currently Poland’s most recognisable gear & technology provider for television and movie productions. It owns four OB vehicles from 2009-2019, hundreds of modern cameras, a wide array of lenses, postproduction facilities, and a choice of lighting equipment. The company has its own service department and also provides optical fibre solutions. The company’s assets are sufficient to comprehensively handle more than ten projects at a time, not just for television or movie producers. In its portfolio, the company also has broadcasts and productions connected to the biggest international events, such as the Olympic Games, the World Cup, the UEFA European Championship, or Formula One races.




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