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ATM GRUPA team competes in 3rd Konstancin Race

The ATM GRUPA team took part in the 3rd Piotr Nurowski Konstancin Race in the Zdrojowy Park in Konstancin-Jeziorna near Warsaw on June 25.

The team included sports lovers, passionate runners and stars of ATM GRUPA’s shows.

The 10-kilometre course was completed by Krzysztof Wieszczek (First Love), Michał Czernecki (Firefighters), Maciej Mikołajczyk (The Pack) and Piotr Tołoczko (Father Matthew). ATM GRUPA CEO Andrzej Muszyński was the team captain.

The runners were cheered on by Paulina Gałązka, Ula Dębska, Michal Malinowski, Angelika Kurowska (all First Love) and Bartek Firlet (Father Matthew).

Thank you for being with us! See you next year.

Photo: Maurycy Stankiewicz


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