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Action-packed fall with First Love: chases, fights and shootouts

First Love producer Monika Galliot Salińska gave an interview for Wirtualne Media in which she talked about the show’s appeal and the people responsible for its success. 

First Love has been on for the past 13 years and has a large loyal following. In the meantime the show has turned some of its cast members into recognizable stars. What is behind this success?

Behind the success of First Love is the team of people who have been creating the show for years.

In 2004, when we finalized the cast of First Love, we bet our money on new faces. The actors Aneta Zając, Łukasz Płoszajski and Ola Zienkiewicz have been building the First Love brand for years. The team of the show’s creators has remained unchanged too. And we have worked with the same team of directors, camera crew and producers. Krzysztof Łebski has been head director from day one, and there have only been three teams of writers for all those years, which ensures the continuity of the story.

What’s in store for the new season that will surprise the show’s fans?

We’re going back to a proven duo of writers, Marcin Wysocki and Dominik Gąsiorowski, who worked with us a few years ago. They are coming back brimming with new ideas. It was them who added crime and thriller elements to First Love, which have become our hallmark. This season will have car chases, jumping from heights, shootouts and fights. But we will not forget about love and humor, because what our series is mostly about is offering good fun to viewers after they get back from work or school.

What new faces are we going to see this fall?

This season’s new faces will include Edyta Herbuś, Michał Mikołajczak and Marcin Rogacewicz.

Are there any plans to film more seasons of the series? Can viewers rest assured they will be able to continue following their favorite characters long into the future?

Being 13 years on the air has been a big success for the show.

Each major channel has a show that has been airing in the same time slot attracting viewers for many years. First Love fans know they can follow their favorite characters from Monday to Friday at 6 p.m., September to June. This is a daily routine that no one will take away from them.

Source: Virtual Media, photo credit G. Gołębiowski

Monika Galliot Salińska has been associated with ATM GRUPA since 2003. She works for Poland’s major TV channels: POLSAT TV, TVP1, TVP2, TV4. Monika specializes in TV series. Her credits include more than 2000 episodes of First Love, almost 200 episodes of The Mall and 80 episodes of Policewomen and Policemen. Other productions include: The Lousy World, Criminal Bureau, The Dancers, Plum Vodka, Room 112 and Wierna jak pies.


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