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The Just: Criminal Unit − Anything is Possible: movie finale of tv4’s blockbuster show to air on december 3

The fourth season of TV4’s blockbuster show will conclude with TV feature The Just: Criminal Unit Anything Is Possible, marking the culmination of the two most prominent personal storylines of this season. Exceptionally, the fourth season finale will air on Sunday, December 3, at 20 p.m.

The plot of the movie will revolve around the wedding of Kuba Walczak, whose turbulent relationship with Iza has finally reached the stage of important life decisions. However, before things culminate in a wedding ceremony, a number of twists will unfold, some at the instigation of the best man, Bolek Kowalski, who will make it a point of pride to throw a stag party that Kuba will remember for the rest of his life. Bolo will pull this off, but not everything will go to plan as things will quickly get out of control.

Paulina Wach’s romantic life will finally pick up. For the first time in years she will feel ready to trust a man and engage in a new, serious relationship.

The movie, helmed by Łukasz Łukasik, will start in a psychiatric hospital, and the unfolding story will prove that absolutely anything can happen, even as something as unimaginable as the sight of prosecutor Jagiełło standing at the altar clad in a priest’s chasuble.

The show The Just: Crime Unit is growing in popularity with each season. This fall audiences have exceeded 2 million viewers, peaking at 2.2 million with a share of 14%. During the broadcast of The Just, TV4 is among Poland’s top three most watched TV channels.

The show is an ATM Grupa production for TV4 starring the likes of Marek Włodarczyk (Kubis), Kamila Ścibiorek (Wach), Magdalena Margulewicz (Górska), Gabriela Oberbek (Latoszek), Urszula Bogucka (Iza), Joanna Kupińska (Dobecka), Michał Mrozek (Walczak), Bartosz Picher (Sawicki), Tomasz Radawiec (Kowalski), Tomasz Kitliński (Jawor), Przemysław Kapsa (Jagiełło) and Piotr Zyman (Kowal).



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