ATM grupa

Grażyna Gołębiowska

Grażyna Gołębiowska

Executive Board Member

Grażyna Gołębiowska holds an MA from the Academy of Economics in Wrocław, Faculty of Management and Information Technology (Organization and Management). In addition, she graduated from the Inter-Faculty Teaching College and completed a postgraduate course in Accounting and Financial Control at the Academy of Economics, Wrocław. Grażyna Gołębiowska is a certified accountant (Certificate No. 17623/2007).


  • 1982-1993

    Zakłady Remontowe Energetyki we Wrocławiu, Clerk, HR and Payroll Officer

  • 1993-1999

    CEL INVESCO S.A., Wrocław, Accountant, Assistant Chief Accountant

  • 1999-2003

    ATM Sp. z o.o. Chief Accountant

  • 2000-2005

    ATM Investment Sp. z o.o., Accountant

  • 2000-2007

    ATM System Sp. z o.o., Accountant

  • 2001-2009

    Investment Sp. z o.o., Executive Board Member

  • 2003–ongoing

    ATM Grupa S.A., Executive Board Member

  • 2011-2014

    Profilm Agencja Filmowa Sp. z o.o., Executive Board Member

  • 2013–ongoing

    ATM Inwestycje Sp. z o.o., Executive Board Member